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The Jury

The Jury is an integral part of Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards, made up of an impartial, unbiased team of professional peers whose task is to validate, legitimise and authenticate the nomination and winners selection process.

DEMA Jurors are selected from influential professionals in the county who are successful in their own right. They are tasked with deliberating and scrutinising nominee candidates from across Dorset against a stringent set of requirements in order to ensure that all nominees or winners are indeed a showcase of excellence within Dorsets greater community.

A huge amount of work goes into researching and validating nominees to ensure that they are utterly deserving of the prestigious title of nominee or award winner. It is the Jury who are tasked with ensuring that DEMA is indeed a celebration of excellence and not a popularity contest.

In order to maintain DEMA’s integrity throughout the Award selection process, jurors are not allowed to vote where they are somehow related to nominees within a category. This is to ensure all winners are decided strictly by merit, not by association.

Winners of awards are decided by a combination of votes and positive impact on the Dorset community.

The Jury works independently of the Executive Team.


The DEMA Jury will aim to ensure that winners are truly deserving and are selected fairly.

Celebrating Excellence within Dorset's Ethnic Minorities

Our vision is to become the platform where ethnic minorities who are successful within the community can be recognised, rewarded and showcased in a bid to bring the community of Dorset together.