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Maximise Your Investment
with a Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards Partnership

Partner up with Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards as a way of raising your brands public profile, maximise your investment potential and drive business growth . Take advantage of our strategic partnership options and benefit from the  extensive marketing solutions  which will grow your brand exponentially.

Sponsorship Benefits 

  • Increased brand awareness 
  • Acquisition of new business and better retention of clientele through brand association (ROI).
  • Improved strategic Corporate Social Responsibility through support and recognition of exceptional ethnic minority successes.
  • Active appreciation of your BaME workforce, by supporting issues that benefit them in the longterm.
  • Be a brand that is recognised for the advocating of Equality and Diversity

Our Partners

Why Associate your brand with Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards?

Publicise your brand in a positively within the Dorset Community.

Promote social inclusion of ethnic minorities by engaging in a  forward-thinking approach which breaks down mental stereotypes in business.

Build Rapport with other high-profile local business.

Showcase your business and its services to the public and business communities

Inspire other businesses in the community to break the glass ceiling that prevents ethnic minorities from achieving the same successes in the community as their indigenous peers.

Motivate your BaME employees by supporting a platform that celebrates and recognises their success.

Working together to build a better community

Be a part of something positive.

Partnering with Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards will generate even greater awareness of your brand, increased ROI in the long term and help contribute to the positive improvement of community relations within Dorset.

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