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Dorset Ethnic Minority Association is a pioneering charitable organisation in the honouring, celebration and showcasing positive contributions to the Dorset Community by the Ethnic Minorities within Dorset.

Meet the Executive Team.

Nanzy Sebata
– Chief Executive Officer

Nanzy Sebata is a Bournemouth University Alumni, a female entrepreneur, the founder and C.E.O of Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards.

Nanzy established the Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards as a platform to showcase ethnic Minorities in Dorset who are contributing positively to the Dorset Community. She is a passionate advocate for Equality and Diversity and the recognition of positive contributions to the Ethnic minority by individual and businesses.

The DEMA CEO has amassed invaluable vast experience in running high profile events. She has worked in the events industry for over 8 years and has a passion for success.

Nanzy loves to spend her spare time with family and friends.

Angela Akrata
– Head of Marketing

Angeliki Akrata affectionately known as Angela is the Head of Marketing for Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards. She is of Greek origin and one of the founding executives of Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards.

Angela identifies with all of the Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards goals and has an unbridled passion for the project. It is this combination of experience and acumen that Angela brings to the table.

A pro-active marketing executive who thrives in coming up with innovative marketing technologies for DEMA. Her main focus is client awareness and engagement.

Angela is also a qualified forensic archaeologist and social anthropologist. She currently works with Kenyon International Emergency Services. She has previously worked in various surveys in the University Mental Health Research Institute (UMHRI) and Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals ( KETHEA ).

Angela is a keen student carrying out research and studies on archaeology, history and cultural issues.

Emi Looker
– Marketing Officer

Emi looker

Emi is of Brazilian heritage.  She has invaluable connections and community relations within Dorset’s Community. She is one of the founding executives of Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards.

She is a conscious Television food nutritionist who brings the Latin American flavour into healthy, local and seasonal family cooking. She is the Director of  a nutrition brand – Native nutrition. Emi believes that cooking with natural organic ingredients constitutes healthier body and subsequently and a healthier planet. She also strongly believes this a positive approach to  whole, natural and nutrient dense foods simply embracing natural way of eating that allowed us to survive for thousands of years with optimal health, strength and vitality.

Emi also runs healthy cooking classes around Dorset promoting, educating and encouraging people to cook a balanced, varied, healthy and environmentally friendly diet. Emi is a strong believer in the  generation and cultivation of connections with the local community.

An ideal Dorset would be one where all (indigenous and ethnic minority groups) people within our society feel valued and important.

Joanne Murefu
– Press & PR Officer

Joanne is a PR professional in her own right. She has vast PR experience having worked for world renowned brands which include the mobile phone giant EE, Canon and Salesforce. Joanne brings a fantastic skillset array to Dorset Ethnic minority awards including media and press contacts.

In her spare time, Joanne is an avid basket ball player who previously competed at national level. She enjoys travelling and meeting new people. She has a passion for high achievement and and will participate in the Miss England pageant as a contestant for the crown.

Cindy Chen
– Asian Engagement Lead

Yi-Hsin Chen known as Cindy is a Masters  student in Events Management at Bournemouth University.

Cindy bring vast event management experience to DEMA, having previously organised and managed a food festival for 200 attendees in Taiwan. Cindy has also been involved with Carnival U, which educates audiences the knowledge of Caribbean carnival at an exhibition in London.

Cindy has great experience of the culture different, besides studying in the UK she had been an exchange student in the USA and had 6 months placement there.

She will ensure attendees’ safety and a wonderful experience during the ceremony. Cindy holds the Portfolio of Event Co-ordinator within Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards. She is also the lead contact  for Asian engagement.

Bonnie Whittingham
– Social Media Manager

Emi looker

Bonnie is  the DEMA Social Media Manager, her role is to keep our followers updated on where things are within DEMA and to engage the private and public sector with regards to building connections , awareness and support for the Project.

Her role includes mapping out the future and direction of we will be taking in the next few months with regards to Effecting Social Media engagement and Digital Marketing.

in her spare time, Bonnie loves going to the gym, and spending time with family.  .

By pushing for equality, broadening of the acceptance of diversity, and grant of opportunities for success, DEMA aims to galvanise a Dorset community not biased on ethnicity, nationality and social class but on merit based on everyone’s contribution to the positive reputation, financial stability and economic growth of Dorset.

Barney Kavai
– Strategic Business Partner

Barney is the Chief Executive Officer for BMK Creative Group and the Founding Chairman of RIZE Organization a social enterprise investing in youth development through entrepreneurship. He is a community champion – a Board Member for International Care Network (ICN) and Dorset Race Equality Council (DREC) promoting Social Inclusion, Diversity and Equality.

Barney is well multi-cultured professional and lived in 4 Countries (Zimbabwe, South Africa, Belgium and England) and travelled in more than 10 others; he finds joy in Multi-culturalism, Networking and Connecting the business ecosystem.

Barney is a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Scholar with Heriot Watt University Edinburgh. He also hold  MBA Degree at Bournemouth University and BSc (Hons) in Computer Science in Belgium.

Barney Kavai is a DEMA Executive in charge of Nominee and Business Partnership Relations.His role is to ensure that all stakeholders are fully informed and updated on business engagements.

Amélie Lonia
– Event Co-ordinator

Amelie is of Belgian Descent, she is a Masters student at Bournemouth university studying Events. She has been involved in the organisation of the Carnival Expo in London.

Her role in DEMA event is to put together the fragments behind the scenes, organising and facilitating Stage management and Event production.

She has fantastic leader and has great team-work skills. She is an integral part of the part of the DEMA Customer  Experience.

As an Event Co-ordinator Amelie will endeavour to finally put all her years of study into creating the perfect event experience for guests at the Awards ceremony and Dinner gala.

Nomi Dube
– Brand Accountant

Nomi is a  Bournemouth University graduate in Accounting and Finance.

She is in charge of balancing and handing the books, including budgets and costing.

Nomi has a wealth of experience in doing accounts with having worked as for a local church. Nomi is a proud mother and wife.

The Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards have consumed over 1437 hours of Planning

Thabani Nyoni
– Chief Operations Officer

Thabani is the founder and Director of Forces Diversity. A platform for ex-army personnel to migrate into workforce of civilian life.

Thabani has Project Management skills and brings these to the DEMA table as a valuable skillset that will greatly benefit the project and the community as a whole.

Thabani is into fitness  spends his spare time in the gym or doing sports.

Giedrius Mazuronis
– Electronic Engineer


Giedrius Mazuronisis from Lithuania. he studied Electronics Engineering at Southampton Solent University and has practised as a Maintenance Technician for 3 years.

In Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards, Giedruis will be to ensure all media platforms will work properly during the event and make sure to have a nice and safe setting up before the event.

Henry Mlalazi
– Marketing and Logistics

Henry Mlalazi

Meet Henry

John Murefu
– Client Relationship Manager

John is the DEMA Client Relationship Manager.

As a Business Information Technology graduate, John has built a huge portfolio of business clients and relationships who will greatly benefit DEMA. he has excellent communication and customer relations skills and will handle nominees as well as our supports and sponsors.

Mandla Stone
– Chief Brand Officer

Mandla Stone is a Web Designer and UX Specialist. A Solent University Alumni, Mandla is also a digital marketing specialist.

He is the current CEO of RockHard Media an SEO and Graphic design business. 

When not working Mandla, loves to go for walks in the woods, and occasionally will visit the gym just to stay trim. 





Every year, Awards will be presented to winners at a 5-star pinnacle Awards Ceremony and Dinner Gala. These awards aim to recognise and showcase those businesses, groups and individuals who have demonstrated a real passion and achieved success in the Dorset community.

Winners will be selected by a group of peers selected from pillars in the community and presented to the community at this exquisite event.

Sponsors, Partners and Supporters