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Dorset Ethnic Minority Association is a pioneering community organisation in the honouring, celebration and showcasing positive contributions to the Dorset Community by the Ethnic Minorities within Dorset.

We bring communities together to promote social cohesion, promote business across all communities and promote culture.

Our Approach

Our approach is to eradicate ignorance and stereotypes by creating a platform where ethnic minorities can shine and allow the community of Dorset – an opportunity to see the positive contributions and successes of ethnic minorities in Dorset. It is a way of informing our community that Ethnic minorities are a positive part of the community.

As a community, Dorset is rich in culture and diversity and we aim to create a platform where the community is able to embrace cultural differences and accept that ethnic minorities view Dorset as their home and as such want to see the county prosper. It is these positive contributions, success stories and achievements in the community or business that Dorset Ethnic Minority wants to showcase to the entire population of Dorset and possibly Britain as a nation.

Staying relevant

In today’s Britain, issues such as Brexit, and immigration have left many with a sour taste in their mouth towards ethnic minorities who are inadvertently labelled foreigners because they have non-indigenous traits ie. skin colour, language or nationality. A misconception pushed by the media is that ethnic minorities are in Britain to suck the benefits system dry. It is generally assumed that persons of ethnic minority origin do not contribute to the community and are mainly in the country to pilfer as much as possible, before returning to their home countries. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We aim to remedy this through positives engagement and showcasing the positive contributions that ethnic minorities make. If the greater community is more informed they will make less judgement based on what the media portrays.

Ethnic minorities are an integral part of today's community. Ethnic minorities have individual and group goals, they have achievements and failures and they too, call Dorset - 'HOME'.

An ideal Dorset would be one where all (indigenous and ethnic minority groups) people within our society feel valued and important.

By pushing for equality, broadening of the acceptance of diversity, and grant of opportunities for success, DEMA aims to galvanise a Dorset community not biased on ethnicity, nationality and social class but on merit based on everyone’s contribution to the positive reputation, financial stability and economic growth of Dorset.
Our Aims
Championing Greater Awareness of Ethnic Minorities

Ethnic Minorities make up 5% of Dorset’s population, that is a whopping 40 000 people. Ethnic Minorities are a part of today’s diverse community, contributing millions of pounds to Dorset’s tourism and consumption industry.

Ethnic Minority can be categorised using ethnicity, religion, race, nationality and language yet they contribute hugely to Dorsets business economy generating income for the county.

According to the National Stats Office, “Dorset has an ethnic minority population of over 35,000 people.and 18% of under 24’s in Dorset are from ethnic minority groups.

Enhancing Social Inclusion in Dorset.

We are all about augmenting social adhesion and increasing the social integration of ethnic minority groups within the entire community of Dorset.
This will be achieved through breaking down stereotypes which blinker-out positive perceptions of ethnic minorities and their contributions. DEMA will create a platform where the positive impactful contributions by ethnic minorities are showcased in the hope of laying a solid foundation for social inclusion of ethnic minorities.

Social inclusion is paramount in making all ethnic groups within Dorset – feel valued, included and important.

Promoting Equality and Diversity in the Dorset

Ethnic Minorities include superficial traits such as ethnic or national origins, skin colour and or nationality. Apart from those descriptive traits, ethnic minorities are a just the same as everyone else.
One of our goals is to promote inter-cultural acceptance and tearing down negative stereotypes so as to ensure Ethnic minorities is awarded equal opportunities, regardless of their ethnicity or their origin.

Ethnic minorities work extremely as hard to achieve a better community status and it is only fitting that we highlight these positive achievements to the community and build a community of acceptance and equality.

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