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The Executive Team

Nanzy Sebata
Chief Executive Officer

Nanzy Sebata is a female entrepreneur,  the founder and C.E.O of Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards.

Nanzy established the Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards  as a platform to showcase ethnic Minorities in Dorset who are contributing positively to the Dorset Community. She is a passionate advocate for Equality and Diversity and the recognition of positive contributin contributions to the Ethnic minority by individual and businesses.

Nanzy has vast experience in running high profile events. She has worked in the events industry for over 8 years and has a passion for success.

Nanzy loves to spend her spare time with family and friends.

Angeliki Akrata
Head of Marketing

Angeliki Akrata affectionately known as Angela is the Head of Marketing for Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards.

She is a pro-active marketing executive who thrives in coming up with innovative marketing technologies for DEMA. Her main focus is client awareness and aengagement.

Angela is also a qualified forensic archaeologist and social anthropologist. She currently works with Kenyon International Emergency Services. She has previously worked in various surveys in the Research University Institute Psychosis Hygienist (EPIPSY) and Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals ( KETHEA ). Angeliki is researching and studying on archaeology, history and cultural issues.

Joanne Murefu
Public Relations

Joanne is an established and reputable Public Relations proffessional.  She has amassed a vast array of experience in the PR industry, having worked with top internationally reknowned brands  including including EE, Canon and Salesforce.

Joanne has an invaluable networking circle in the public media sector and has written multiple articles which have been published in the public media.In her spare time, Joanne is an avid traveller who loves exploring different cultures and and meeting new people.

Emi Looker
Marketing Executive

Emi is  conscious food nutritionist that brings the flavours of Latin America into a healthy, local and seasonal way of cooking for the whole family.

Emi brings a handful of skills and marketing services that will elevate Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards into the mainstream.

Vickie Storm
Program Director

Vickie is an Award winning TV and Radio presenter with expertise in broadcasting. She has appeared numerous radio stations in Zimbabwe and the UK including the BBC.

Vickie has expertise in event planning and panel coordination for carious Awarding bodies. Vickie is a founder of Mind After Christ Kids/Youth organisation affiliated to Scripture Union which host annual Christian camps each year. She provides support and guidance for children between the age groups of 8 years and 17 years in basic life skills through Biblical teachings and practical approaches. She has been involved in project management of charitable events such as the Charitable Couture (Cat Walk) which raised funds to support children infected by cancer in Northampton Hospital. She is a qualified Occupational Therapist specialising in Neurological conditions.

Showcasing the Positive Contributions of Dorset's Ethnic Minorities

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