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Chairman’s Address

The  Dorset Ethnic Minorty Awards Jury and Executives have just finished with the innagural Dorset Ethnic Minority Awards Program on September 29, 2018.  Congratulations to all winners!

In this year (2018) alone, DEMA received a remarkable 85 nominations in 18 categories.

With the outstanding support and commitment of DEMA’s diverse Jurors of 13, nominations were researched, evaluated and profiled in relation to their positive impact in Dorset’s extended community. Once compiled this list was put to the public vote and winners were selected by a combination of votes and their profile.

I would like to appeal and challenge the business community to continue supporting us and extend a request for engagement in support of equality, diversity & inclusion.

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Nanzy Sebata
DEMA Chief Executive

Awards Ceremony


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    Award Winners

    DEMA 2018 Award Recepients

    Mona Elkotory
    Community Champion

    Dorset FilBrits
    Dorset’s Filipino Community
    Community Group Award

    Angela Piromalli
    Innovation Award
    Rock Recruitment

    Bob Povey
    Unsung Hero Award
    & Sports Leadership Award

    Andrea Bostaan
    Small Business Award
    Bostico International

    Kate Urmanska
    Female Entrepreneur Award

    Donald Jabangwe
    Male Entrepreneur Award
    Adriel Care Ltd. Poole

    Efe Ohwofasa
    Male Entrepreneur Award
    Focus Guru

    Open Door – Polish Language School
    Learning School Par Excellence Award

    JP Morgan (CSR Division)
    Philanthropy Award

    PolPlan Insurance
    Dynamic /Crossover  Award

    Dr Deborah Gabriel
    Bournemouth University
    Educational Excellence Award

    Fajny Sklep
    Newsagent of the year Award

    Makkah Foods
    Small Business of the year Award

    Savas Barber Shop
    Barbers of the year Award

    Pepe  Hair and Beauty
    Hairdresser Award

    Fatima Adjilani
    Sports Leadership Award

    Alvin Gunputh
    Sports Leadership Award

    Enrique Valdes Perez
    People’s Choice

    Carmelo San Juan
    People’s Choice Award

    Maciej Kijewski
    Innovation Award
    Molecular Magic

    Taj Mahal (Westbourne)
    Restuarant of the year Award

    Linda Ford-Horne
    Heritage Award

    Olivia Demetriou
    Young Achiever

    Lifetime Achievement
    Award Recepient

    Rafique Choudhury

    • Community Role Model
    • Community Leader
    • Philanthropist
    • Restuarant Business Pioneer
    • Entreprenuer

    2018 Nominees

    The official DEMA 2018 Alumni

    Community Awards


    Community Champion

    • Saroj Chowdhury
    • Sister Tama
    • Lynda Ford-Horne
    • Mona Elkotory
    • Damaris Mwangi

    Community Group

    • It’s All About Culture
    • Bournemouth Interpreters
    • Unity In Vision
    • Dorset Centre Us
    • Fil-Brits Community Dorset
    • Bulgarian Community Bournemouth

    Unsung Hero

    • Kitty Pui Pui
    • Denise Wootten
    • Janusz Kulczycki
    • Martin Coyne
    • Damaris Mwangi

    Sports Leadership

    • Alvin Gunputh – Poole Town ladies FC Head Coach
    • Fatima Adjilani – Bournemouth Volleyball Club Manager /coach
    • Bob Povey – Children’s Football Coach.

    Philanthropy Award

    • JP Morgan Chase
    • International Care Network
    • Dorset Community fund
    • Lush Charity Pot

    Dynamic Crossover Award

    • TransferGo
    • Emma Scott
    • A-Plan Insurance
    • Azimo
    • O2 International

    People’s Choice

    • Denise Wootten
    • Kitty Pui Pui
    • Carmelo San Juan
    • Kundai Muzura
    • Enrique Perez Valdes
    Business Awards


    Small Business

    • Makkah Foods
    • Chinese Medical Art
    • RR Photographic
    • 1 South African Shop
    • Bostico International

    Female Entrepreneur

    • Kelly Levell
    • Kate Urmanska *
    • Helen Ohwofasa

    Male Entrepreneur

    • Tilan – Global Spice
    • Donald Jabangwe
    • Russ Chornolutskyy
    • Efe Ohwafasa


    • Vinicius Ribeiro ( V Design)
    • Sophia Kane
    • Afrosia Afro European Hair
    • PEPE Polski Hair & Beauty

    Barbershop of the year

    • Istanbul Traditional Turkish Barber
    • Deolo Barbers
    • Xellance Barbers
    • Savas Turkish Barber
    • Shawn Barbers

    Small Business

    • Makkah Foods
    • Chinese Medical Art
    • RR Photographic
    • 1 South African Shop
    • Bostico International

    Restaurant of the Year

    • Abdul’s Resturant
    • Romanzo Greek Taverna
    • Taj Mahal
    • Fusion Mandarin
    • Pizzeria Via Roma

    Newsagent of the year

    • Polish Delicattesan
    • Fajny Sklep
    • Global Spice
    • Parkstone Delicattesan
    • Little Buddha Newsagent

    Male Entrepreneur

    • Tilan – Global Spice
    • Donald Jabangwe
    • Russ Chornolutskyy
    • Efe Ohwafasa
    Educational Awards


    Educational Excellence

    • Hannah Osman
    • Dr Deborah Gabriel
    • Dr Angelos Stefanidis
    • Dr Demetra Andreou
    • Martin Coyne

    Learning School Par Excellence

    • Bournemouth Chinese School
    • Bournemouth Thai Language School
    • Anglo Continental Bournemouth
    • Harrow House International college
    • Open Door Language School
    Special Awards


    Young Achiever

    • Sharon Nyangwe
    • Olivia Demetriou
    • Jamie Handitye
    • Theo M Hayton
    • Miss Dorset – Steph Wyatt

    Innovation Award

    • Sharon Muiuri
    • Dr Demetra Andreou
    • Maciej Kijewski
    • Angela Piromalli

    The Jury

    meet the diverse individuals behind the decisions

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    (Standing L-R): Thabani Nyoni (Entrepreneur), Erika Bryant (Community leader), Elisa Ponce (Entrepreneur),  Saima Ahmed (Community leader), Tomasz Dyl (Entrepreneur), Nicole Ferdinand (Academic).
    (Seated L-R):Ewa Erdmann (Business Woman). Eva Muhumuza (Entrepreneur), Sarah Ali Choudhury – Head Juror (Entrepreneur), Jaeyon Cho (Academic),  Natalie Sherring (Community/Entrepreneur),
    Absent:  Prince Ogbuji (Entrepreneur)

    DEMA Jury Role

    The role of the Jury within Dorset Ethnic Minority Awars (DEMA)is to validate and adjudicate the voting and winner selection process.

    These diligent individuals gave off their time and expertise in the nomination and voting process leading to up the DEMA 2018 Awards Ceremony. It was an honor having these fantastic professionals, academics and community leaders serve as your jury.

    The process is lengthy and cumbersome. DEMA jurors are tasked with doing research on nominees to validate their qualification as a such.

    Jurors oversee and veto voting process and using a combination of votes, and impact in relation to the community.

    It is also a Juror’s role to uphold and maintain the integrity of DEMA and as such, jurors do not adjudicate over categories where their family or friends are nominated.

    As we continue to grow, we would like to have even more diversity within the DEMA an as such we encourage qualifying individuals to get in touch with DEMA with regard to being a part of the jury in coming years.

    Thank you to the amazing Jurors who served in  #DEMA2018.


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