Myrna Perez

Mynie Perez has been nominated for Community Champion Award.

Born in the small village of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro Philippines, Myrnie arrived in the UK in 1995, started her first job that May, as a production line packer.5 months later she was  promoted as a Quality Control supervisor and was able to save up  for a full time Hair and Beauty course  at the Warwickshire. This was her true passion.

Myrnie won several Regional and National accolades during her studies.  After college, ventured in business management, successfully setting up and managing a Beauty and Leisure Spa for her employer. With this new found business success, Myrnie Hair, set up her own Health and Beauty Studio and  soon after, purchased a Sports Bar received a National Award for the fastest growing salon of the Year.

Myrnie moved to Bournemouth in 1998. She registered as a volunteer for the Homeless. She worked tirelessly to campagn for against homelessness and simultaneously setup a Hair Salon business (with a friend). The Hair salon gave Myrnie more freedom and access to better serve the greater community of Dorset. Myrnie seup a provision in the hair salon where she could help the Homeless by doing their hair cuts, allowing the homeless community a chance to look trimmed and presentable so they can easily transition back into society /work without being stereotyped as vagabonds.

Because of her passion for equality, diversity and inclusion, her desire to help those less fortunate in the community and her drive for success and achievement, Myrnie was subsequently chosen as President of the Fil-Brits Community Dorset. A platform where Dorset Filipinos can be showcased, included, supported and made to feel valuable. This is a post that requires dedication and selflessness and Myrnie has adapted perfectly to the role of serving the Dorset Filbrits Community.


Myrnie Perez

Mynie Perez - Community Champion

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