Racardaras Mongela


Ricardas Mongela

Ricardas Mongela arrived in Dorset nearly 8 years ago. A health and fitness personal trainer, Ricardas has set up a Health and Fitness business. Ricardas is passionate about health and fitness and specialises in weight loss, callisthenics, body building, power lifting, fitness, cross fit and also nutrition guidance or advice including motivation encouragement.

Ricardas has continually campaigned for better healthcare and exercise regimes to be implemented by all. His workout sessions have maximum impact and are fun. As a personal trainer Ricaradas will tailor make fitness plans based on each individuals circumstances, goals, and level of fitness.

As a Health and Fitness Instructor, Ricardas doesn’t just stop at teaching physical classes but he is also a nutritionist. He will  help clientele  set up a fitness lifestyle complete with adjusted meal for maximum impact and best desired results.

Ricardas teaches how to do exercises correctly, engaging specific targeted muscles.

He teaches how to visualise  exercises for a maximum effect.  Classes also include posture corrections, adequate stretching and toning programmes.

Ricardas holds  Masters Degree  in Sport Science. and has 20 years experience in the industry.

Ricardas is a world acclaimed body builder holding over 10 international body building titles .

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Ricardas Mongela

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