Nisa-Nashim Wessex


Nisa-Nashim Wessex

Nisa-Nashim Wessex is one of 28 UK Nisa-Nashim groups, bringing  together local Jewish and Muslim women through building and fostering positive personal friendships, leadership and philanthrophy.

The main aim of Nisa-Nashim Wessex is to change the tone of the “conversation”, so that instead of polarising and isolating each other, communities are better informed and are therefore able people to embrace and celebrate their different cultures and backgrounds.

Nisa Nashim Wessex work through a range of shared initiatives that support their leadership journey and welbeing of it memebers and he communiity. Some of the initiatives includes :

  • The provision and serving hot meals and desserts for  Hope for Food, once a month.
  • Running annual ‘Collectathons’ from Mitzvah Day (in November) til Sadaqa Day (in March).
  • Nisa-Nashim Wessex have twice collected head coverings for the local oncology units.
  • Collection of 1000 pairs of (used) glasses/spectacles which went to help in 3rd world countries.
  • Holding  an annual coffee morning sale in the Synagogue or the Mosque with proceeds going to help  local cancer charities.
  • Hosting events for inter-faith week and the past three years one of the Nisa – Nashim  Jewish members has held an Iftar in her home.

As a standard, all Nisa Nashim groups co-chaired by two individuals one Jewish and the other Muslim. This is to ensure that decisions are fully inclusive and  diverse.

Nisa Nashim – Bringing Communities together.

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Serving hot meals with Food for Hope.

Nisa-Nashim Meeting .

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